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The history of Ilford Removals

Over the past five years, Ilford Removals has flourished and gone from strength to strength. This is not only down to our excellent team members, but also to the dedication and commitment of our founders. Clive and Peter have played a hands-on role within the company. They ensure it continues to enjoy an excellent reputation amongst clients and benefit from impressive growth.

Ilford Removals began life as a small company when it was founded in 2008. At first, the company consisted of just one transit van operated by two men. They provided a local and friendly service to customers in the Ilford area. Excellent service and dedication resulted in the company quickly flourishing. We gained an excellent reputation, enabling Ilford Removals to become the impressive removals firm that it is today.

Ilford Removals today

In just five years, we’ve gone from being a two-man operation to a well-known company with multiple large vans. With 12 dedicated team members, we’ve become known for an excellent level of service. We’ve served both business and residential customers across the Ilford area.

We believe that our success is down to a range of factors. The hard work put in by Clive and Peter after establishing the company played a big part in its growth. However, the commitment of those who work at Ilford Removals has also played a huge part in the company’s success. We’ve always taken pride in providing all of our customers with a dedicated service. With excellent levels of customer service, efficiency, reliability and great value for money. Due to this, our company has developed rapidly over the years.

Today, Ilford Removals offers a comprehensive removals service to the commercial and residential sectors in Ilford. This includes a removals service, expert packing services, and a handyman service amongst others. All of our services are delivered by skilled and experienced operatives who are dedicated to providing an efficient and professional service to each and every client. We are able to take on both big and small jobs, so you know we can always provide great value for money.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today for a free no-obligation quote. Start your removals journey today!