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Ilford Piano Removal.

Move your piano to its new destination safely

If you own a piano, you need to think about how to transport it safely during your move. Pianos are big investments and generally worth a lot of money. So the last thing you want is to end up damaging it. That’s why it’s important to look into how to safely get your piano moved to its new location. This can help to avoid damaging it and end up forking out for costly repairs.

Tips to help with safe Ilford piano removal

There are a number of valuable tips that can help with the safe removal of your piano. Follow them to minimise the risk of damage during the moving process. They include:

Provide padding for your piano: You need to make sure that your piano is properly padded for protection. So make sure you have some blankets or another type of padding available for use. This protects against scratches and damage on your piano surface. But also protects your floors or other areas of your home that could be damaged when moving the instrument.

Clean the casters: You should also make sure that the casters on your upright piano do not have dust or debris on them. This could hinder the moving of the instrument. Cleaning them can make moving it easier and can save you or the removal team time.

Make sure paths are clear: A piano is a large instrument and therefore you need to make sure that there is a clear path for the removal team. Make sure all paths are clear so that the piano can be quickly moved out of the property and into the removal vehicle.

Lock the lid: Make sure that the lid of the piano is securely closed and locked. This prevents damage from the lid coming open during the move and avoids injuries while the instrument is being moved.

In Ilford piano removal can be conducted by our highly qualified and yet affordable moving company. By hiring professionals to get your piano moved you can ensure that it reaches its new destination safely and without damage, potentially saving you both time and money.